DYAS multiplex - All beech multi-layers plywood

is an all-beech plywood board made of many plies of rotary-cut beech veneers glued together with an adhesive. The grains of adjoining layers are at right angles to each other. Beech multiplex characteristic is derived from beech attributes such as great compactness, persistence, durability, flexibility, versatility etc. For beech multiplex, these properties are even enhanced owing to layering and gluing of many individual veneers.

DYAS Multiplex

is a health harmless plywood complying with the E-1 Class of formaldehyde escape according to ČSN EN 717-1. At customer´s request for even lower values of formaldehyde escape, we are able to offer variation, where material complies certification CARB phase II, according to ASTM D 6007-14.

Beech multiplex particularity is in the thickness of inner veneer plies, which are 2,2mm or 2,6mm thick. This subsequently influences the final multiplex properties. Owing to the bigger content of "massive" wood in the form of thicker inner veneers and less gluing, Multiplex characteristic is more li ke the one of solid beech wood.


For its excellent compactness properties, beech multiplex finds its use especially in mechanical engineering, building industry, automotive industry and transportation.


15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 mm
(other thicknesses on customers' request)


Class of gluing 1 (IF 20) - ČSN EN 314-2 - can be used in interior areas according to ČSN EN 636

Class of gluing 2 (A 100) - ČSN EN 314-2 - can be used in protected exterior areas according to ČSN EN 636

Class of gluing 3 (AW 100) - ČSN EN 314-2 - can be used in unprotected exterior areas according to ČSN EN 636


2 200 x 1 250 mm
2 500 x 1 250 mm
2 500 x 1 500 mm
(long grain or cross grain orientation, other dimensions on customers' request)


(any combination of these surface qualities on customers' request)


Basic sanding and calibration with 60 grid sand paper


6% to 12% (at the time of delivery)


Thickness Number of plies Approximate volume weight Thickness tolerance Bending strength
(surface veneer grain orientation)
(kg/m3) (mm) lengthwise crosswise
15 7x 820 +0,5/-0,5 50,0 N/mm2 60,0 N/mm2
18 9x
20 9x +0,8/-0,8
25 13x
30 15x
35 16x +1,7/-1,2
40 17x
45 19x/21x
50 25x

Product Sheet:

Declaration of Performance:


Certificate CARB II for gluing class 1:

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